The Hooked Up II was the high hook last year, (2013) catching the most Big Eye and Yellowfin Tuna out of Southern Cape May, with some of the very best captains and crew in New Jersey. They also had a tremendous season in July on Bluefin Tuna in the 80-150 lb class chunking and jigging.

The Hooked Up II is a 55′ Carolina custom charter boat based out of Cape May, New Jersey (NJ). She is one of the newest, fastest and most comfortable deluxe charter boats on the entire East Coast.Hooked Up II Running Carolina custom hulls are known for their world class rides without excessive pounding as well as being extremely dry boats in all kinds of sea conditions. The Hooked Up II has a huge cockpit to accommodate up to 6 anglers and crew comfortably.

Specializing in trophy Stripers and Black Drum inshore and all Tuna species, Wahoo and Mahi Mahi (Dolphin) Offshore, please be sure to check out the trips we offer for the 2014 season as well as our rates.

Visit the about the boat page to learn about and see all the deluxe features that the boat offers.

2013 Offshore Season in review and what’s in store for the 2014 Offshore Season

We have had one of the best TUNA seasons aboard the Hooked Up II in a long time, in 2013!  Last year the Hooked Up II was regularly catching their limit of yellowfin tuna on most charters and we even had a run of 8 straight trips in a row where we caught Big Eye Tuna, most over 200 lbs!

For the 2014 season, we will be spending more time targeting Big Eye Tuna in the late afternoon into the early evening. Big Eye Tuna often come up from the deeper colder water, where they spend most of their time, to the warmer surface waters to feed and digest their food. Our 24 and 30 hour overnight canyon trips allow us to do this plus target other species at night such as Yellowfin Tuna, Swordfish and large Mako Sharks.

In 2013 almost all our limit catches of Yellowfins came at night chunking or jigging primarily from the Washington Canyon which was 90 miles from Cape May. We were one of the only full time charter boats out of the South Jersey area that had the speed and size to make the longer run down to the Washington Canyon which had the very best tuna fishing of any Mid-Atlantic Canyon by far last season.  Our policy has always been to run to where the best fishing is and it paid off for us over the years and this was especially true in 2013. Starting in June and running into July we had tremendous Inshore Bluefin Tuna fishing within 50-60 miles of our home port in Cape May with many of the Bluefin’s in the 80-140 lb. class caught by chunking and jigging. On some days we had 10 or more all over 100 lbs when fishing on a day inshore tuna trip.

In 2013 we ended up catching the largest Big Eye and Yellowfin Tunas and missed the largest Bluefin by just a few lbs at South Jersey Marina and this included not only the charter fleet but private boats as well. It was just a great overall offshore season for us in 2013 and we plan to have an even better one in 2014.

Visit our Offshore Section for additional information about the upcoming 2104 season.


We will be offering 12 and 15 hour day Tuna, Wahoo and Mahi-Mahi trips starting in early June on a 35 foot top of the line charter boat for up to 5 anglers maximum. The boat will have the same experienced crew that fishes on the 55 Hooked Up II but at a substantially reduced price.

In addition for groups that have over 6 people we are now offering 14 and 16 hour offshore trips on a 38 foot custom diesel boat for up to 8 people on our offshore trips and 10 anglers inshore. The boat is certified for additional people and we can take more than 8 but there will be a surcharge for every person over 8 on all offshore trips.  If the customer’s would like to deep drop for Tile Fish we will spend part of the trips doing this on all our 16 hour day canyon troll trips. We will supply all the tackle needed for Tile fishing including outlets in the cockpit for those that have their own electric reels.

Both boats are manned by some of the most experienced captains in South Jersey with many years offshore experience plus the boats are equipped similar to the 55 Hooked Up II with the most modern safety equipment and fishing tackle for offshore charter fishing.

We will continue chartering the 55 Hooked Up II for those that desire ultimate comfort and speed to the tuna grounds but this gives us various options to offer charter customers this coming season.

*With the new rules this season that allow charter boats to keep up to 3 Bluefins per trip we anticipate some great tuna fishing starting within a few weeks.*  We suggest contacting us ASAP for additional information about the affordable offshore rates we are now offering this coming season.

Some of our 2013 Offshore Catch

Honesty, Integrity And Safety

We pride ourselves in doing our best to be honest with all of our customers about the current fishing conditions. We have cancelled many trips knowing there were no fish to be caught locally, saving our customers thousands of dollars. Not many charter boats will do this but we do not want to take your hard earned money if the fishing is poor. This is one of the reasons we have been in the charter business for over 25 years.

The Hooked Up II takes safety very seriously. On April 18, 2013, the Hooked Up II and crew met the qualifications for the U. S. COAST GUARD UNINSPECTED PASSENGER VESSEL (UPV) VOLUNTARY SAFETY PROGRAM. As determined by the inspection, the Hooked Up II received the highest rating obtainable from the U.S. Coast Guard for vessels carrying 6 or fewer passengers for hire after substantially exceeding all federal regulations for safety requirements including Safety Training Procedures and Safety Equipment on board.

This assures our customers that we have gone the extra mile to ensure the highest level of safety possible for a six pack charter boat and provides information to help each of you make an informed decision as to the level of safety you want when you charter a boat.

Remember, all charter boats are not created equal when it comes to safety…

More information regarding the U.S. Coast Guard Uninspected Passenger Vessle Voluntary Safety Program.

Fishing Schedule

We usually start our spring season towards the end of March targeting trophy size Stripers and then in early May we start spring Black Drum fishing the Delaware Bay. This spring we plan on running early season tuna trips, this could be as early as April if the conditions are right. Last year there was some of the best tuna fishing of the entire year in late spring and we suggest that any anglers that love to target tuna take advantage of this early season bite. We will also be running shark trips targeting Mako Sharks. In 2011 the Hooked Up II led all charter boats in the South Jersey Shark Tournament in the number of sharks caught and released. Last spring mates Vinny and Ray worked the cockpit on a private boat that won the South Jersey Shark Tournament with a 330 lb. Mako. We specialize in Stripers and Black Drum inshore and all Tunas species, Wahoo and Mahi Mahi (Dolphin) offshore. For the 2014 season we will also be targeting Big Eye Tuna as well as billfish and marlin species.

Keep an eye out at The Bass Barn under the Open Boat section of the forums where we post information for Open Boat Charters from time to time.

Please Contact us to schedule your trip!

Hooked Up II Tuna Fishing

Picture of the 55 Hooked Up II with all 6 anglers fighting Yellowfin Tuna on a day troll trip



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