We prefer to chunk the Delaware Bay on all trips targeting trophy stripers in the 20-50 lb. plus range. We will troll in the open ocean when necessary but never go beyond the legal 3 mile limit when striper fishing. Chunking for trophy striper is our specialty and that is the preferred method on the Hooked Up II.

I would strongly suggest not doing a 6 hour trip unless the stripers are close to Cape May and at this time there is no way of knowing if that is going to be the case but last year we ended up running at least 15-25 miles to get the best bite especially in November.


A word about the last few seasons striper fishing out of Cap May:

The last couple of years the striper bite out of Cape May changed considerably from bunker chunking the Delaware Bay to trolling out in the open ocean. We prefer chunking in the Delaware Bay as you can use much lighter tackle and enjoy the striper’s fight way better than when using heavy trolling tackle.  We will troll in the open ocean when necessary but never go beyond the legal 3 mile limit when striper fishing. The last fall the troll bite was nothing short of phenomenal and without question some of the best striper fishing I have experienced in my 30 years plus of targeting stripers off South Jersey and expect the same this fall.


2016 Fall Trophy Striper Rates


Departure Length Price
5:00 am

12:00 (noon)

5-6 Hours

Up to 5 miles from Cape May Inlet Maximum

5:00-6:00 am 8-10 Hours

Price when we run 15-20 miles to reach the best striper fishing, usually towards the end of November and December

 5:00-6:00 am All day up to 10 Hours

Price when we run 20-30 miles to get to the best striper bite.  Most often in early to mid-November when the fish are still north of Cape May up towards Atlantic City.

30 Miles or more





Open Boat Charters*Up to 6 anglers Maximum 8-10 Hours $200/person


 *The departure time will be discussed with all our charters prior to the trip based on the best weather conditions, tides and how farr we have to run for the best striper fishing.  We usually like to depart very early to be one of the very first boats on the striper grounds.

 **The prices listed are cash prices or personal checks.  We do accept credit cards but this needs to be discussed prior to the trip with Captain John. Cash and checks are the preferred method of payment on all fall striper trips.**

We strongly suggest booking at least an 8 or 10 hour trip when targeting trophy fall stripers in the 20-50 lb plus range… We feel 6 hour trips do not offer enough fishing time and strongly suggest the longer trips to increase the chances of providing an outstanding trophy striper trip!  The shorter (5-6 hours) work best in early to mid-December when the stripers are closer to Cape May and we do not have to run as far based on the 2015 season.

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Fishing On The Hooked Up II

The 55′ Hooked Up II provides maximum comfort for fishing on those cool fall windy days and afternoons! She has a very large protected cockpit to allow our customers plenty of room for up to 6 anglers when striper fishing, plus, we keep our salon heated to 72 degrees even in the coldest weather!  We have all dedicated striper rods by Paul at JPR and Shimano 6500 Baitrunners for bunker chunking trophy stripers. In addition, Capt John, the owner of the Hooked Up II, has been striper fishing locally for almost 30 years on the Cape May Rips and Delaware Bay. Mate Vinnie specializes in jumbo stripers between 20-50 lbs plus and has caught a few up to 60 lbs in recent years.  With a winning combination of an awesome boat with a very experienced crew, striper fishing is all about having a fun filled day on the water, and we will do everything we can to provide this. We never fish by the clock or try to do two trips a day as we want to offer the best opportunity for our customers to put a great catch together.  Plus, don’t miss your favorite football game this fall while fishing with us!

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