Frequently Asked Questions

When hiring a charter captain, below are a few questions you should always ask before you book a charter! The answers to these questions can translate to significant differences in boats, captains and experiences you will have on your trip, while spending your hard earned money.  We have included answers to these questions, but we can’t stress enough about discussing these questions with any potential charter you may hire!  On the Hooked Up II, our goal is to give you the best experience possible through our experience, expertise, honesty and integrity.

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How many years have you actually been charter fishing in the waters we will be fishing on my trip?
Can you guarantee I will catch fish on my trip?
Will you take me fishing even if you know there are no fish to be caught during the time of my trip?
What happens if the fishing just starts to heat up but the time I paid for is near it's end and we have to head back to dock?
How do you determine the length of a trip and why is this important?
What kind of safety gear do you carry?
What amenities does your boat have?
How many people can come on my trip?
What do you provide on a trip?
What should I bring?
Why is your boat so expensive compared to others?
How far are you willing to go to fish?
Where are you located?
How many actual Yellowfins, Bluefins and Big Eyes have you caught the last couple of years?