2016 Offshore Rates on the Hooked Up II

Day Trips

 Shark  12 Hours  $2300.00
 Inshore Tuna (Bluefin, Wahoo, Mahi-Mahi)  12 Hours  $2999.00
Canyon Day Trip (Tuna, Wahoo, Mahi (Dolphin) and Marlin 14 Hours $3800.00
Big Eye Special (Depart Noon, retrun 1:00-2:00 am) 13-14 Hours $4000.00

Overnight Canyon Trips

Overnight Canyon June-October 24 Hours $4900.00 to 75 Miles (Local Canyons)
Overnight Canyon June-October 30 Hours $5500.00

4 Man Trip Options

Canyon: Open Boat Overnighter (Troll & Chunk)  24+ Hours  $1275/Person Plus Tip
Open Boat Big Eye Special (Jig and Troll, Depart noon and return by 1:00 am)  12-13 Hours  $975.00/Person Plus Tip


*There is no way of knowing until just prior to your trip how far we will have to run to get the best tuna fishing. For the most part the last two years the best fishing out of Cape May, NJ was an 85-95 mile run with not much in our closer local canyons except for a few good days. One of the main reasons we have caught so many tuna ( Yellowfins, Big Eyes) in recent years is the Hooked Up II has the size and speed to make the 90 mile runs if necessary to put a great catch together. We realize these trips are expensive but at times you just have to go to where the tuna are residing and there is no shortcuts if you want to have banner catches. We discuss this with all our customers prior to their trip and try our best to give them an honest opinion on all the variables affecting their upcoming offshore trip. Captain John has made over 1000 trips for tuna over the last 25 years plus and along with his crew of mates are some of the absolute best at catching all species of tuna. If they are out there we will catch them for our customers.* *These are cash prices and there will be a 3% charge for all credit card payments.*


2016 Fall Trophy Striper Rates on the Hooked Up II


Departure Length Price
5:00 am

12:00 (noon)

5-6 Hours

Up to 5 miles from Cape May Inlet Maximum

5:00-6:00 am 8-10 Hours

Price when we run 15-20 miles to reach the best striper fishing, usually towards the end of November and December

 5:00-6:00 am All day up to 10 Hours

Price when we run 20-30 miles to get to the best striper bite.  Most often in early to mid-November when the fish are still north of Cape May up towards Atlantic City.

30 Miles or more



Open Boat Charters*Up to 6 anglers Maximum 8-10 Hours $200/person

 *The departure time will be discussed with all our charters prior to the trip based on the best weather conditions, tides and how farr we have to run for the best striper fishing.  We usually like to depart very early to be one of the very first boats on the striper grounds.

 **The prices listed are cash prices or personal checks.  We do accept credit cards but this needs to be discussed prior to the trip with Captain John. Cash and checks are the preferred method of payment on all fall striper trips.**

We strongly suggest booking at least an 8 or 10 hour trip when targeting trophy fall stripers in the 20-50 lb plus range… We feel 6 hour trips do not offer enough fishing time and strongly suggest the longer trips to increase the chances of providing an outstanding trophy striper trip!  The shorter (5-6 hours) work best in early to mid-December when the stripers are closer to Cape May and we do not have to run as far based on the 2015 season.

2016 Spring Black Drum Rates on the Hooked Up II

Spring Black Drum Trips

6 Hours $900
8 Hours $1050
All Night Drum (10 pm-6:00 am) $1350

Departure between 1-3 pm on all Black Drum trips depending on length of trip except the all night trips.

All night trips depart between 8:30 pm and 10:00 pm but special departure times can be arranged to meet our customer’s schedules.

Open Boat Pricing:

No open boat 5 Hour trips offered

Open boat 6 Hour trips are at 160.00 per person based on 6 anglers

Open boat 8 hour trips are $185.00 per person based on 6 anglers

All night 8-9 Hour Black Drum trips are 220.00 per person based on 6 anglers

2016 Summer Inshore Shark Trips on the Hooked Up II

Inshore Shark Trips (July-August)

5 Hours $975.00

We can also add a couple of hours to the trip and do an ocean front or harbor cruise plus  stop at Cape May Point in front of Cape May Lighthouse and fish for small snapper Bluefish for an additional $200.00.


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