22 Small Yellowfins on day troll trip plus the 60-90 lb. Bluefins showed up locally inshore

yellowfin tuna

yellowfin tunaWe had an action packed day troll trip yesterday with 22 Yellowfins caught but with only 5 keepers along with some nice Mahi-Mahi. We fished the Poormans Canyon along with lots of other boats but started way south from the main fleet and had real good action but again lots of short Yellowfin with some Mahi-Mahi and skippies in the mix.

We left the canyon and moved inshore to the Bluefin ground on the way back to Cape May and immediately hooked into a large BFT in the 70-90 lb. range as that is the size being caught by other boats prior to us arriving. Multiple boats were hooked up in nice BFT when we arrived but there were no chunking or jigging by any boats as all were trolling which is normal for early season BFT in our area.

There is no question they could be caught chunking and jigging right now and probably will drop some jigs on our Wednesday BFT charter trip. Most charter boats had their two overs but were having a hard time finding an under so these are not little football size BFT’s.

Overall some pretty good inshore BFT fishing going on about 40-50 miles from our dock and plan on running our first inshore BFT trip on Wednesday then the remaining trips this week we will be back to the canyon targeting Yellowfins and Big Eyes but we can always stop for BFT on the way home if our customers want a shot jigging or trolling for them. Hopefully more of the larger Yellowfins will show up again like they have for the last week or so down in the southern canyons and BFT over 100 lbs. stick around for a while like in past years also.

Overall not bad tuna fishing going on out of South Jersey right now. We have seen numerous boats show up in Cape May from Northern NJ and NY including some green stick commercial boats that target Big Eyes and yellowfins predominately.