Spring Black Drum

When We Fish For Black Drum

For 2017 we will start our Black Drum Trips on May 10. We fish either on the Delaware or the New Jersey side of the bay depending on the where the best bite is. The last couple of years the Black Drum showed up first in the shallow flats on the Delaware side because the water is usually a few degrees warmer in the spring than the New Jersey side. There will be a fuel surcharge if we have to run across the bay to Slaughter Beach, DE the traditional hot spot for Black Drum but we prefer to stay on the New Jersey side if possible to avoid charging the fuel surcharge. We will discuss with all charters prior to departure which side of the bay has the best fishing and they can decide what works best for them.

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2018 Rates

6 Hour black drum
6 Hours
8 Hour Black Drum
8 Hours
All Night Drum
10pm - 6am
Depart Noon, Return 1:00-2:00 AM


Departure between 1-3 pm on all Black Drum trips depending on length of trip, except the all night trips.

All night trips depart between 8:30 pm and 10:00 pm but special departure times can be arranged to meet our customer’s schedules.

Open Boat Pricing:
  • Open boat 6 Hour trips are at 175.00 per person based on 6 anglers

Note: All New Jersey charter boats are required to purchase a Delaware Charter boat license which enables them to legally fish the Delaware side of the bay. The Hooked Up II has once again this year and this assures you that we will not be boarded, face being harassed and potential fines by the Delaware Marine Police. All anglers when fishing in Delaware waters are also required to have a FIN number and our Delaware charter boat license covers this requirement. The FIN number is mandated by the National Marine Fisheries Service so this is a federal law.