Black Friday Stripers

Fall Striper Fishing

Fall Stripers starting November 1, 2018 fishing out of Farley State Marina at the Golden Nugget Casino in Atlantic City.

Come to Atlantic City to enjoy the great striper fishing and then why not consider spending some time or even the night at the Golden Nugget (which is a short walk from our dock) to watch an NFL game on Monday or Thursday night  and also on Sundays. This could play out as a very interesting and fun filled trifecta of Striper fishing, Watching NFL games and Sports Betting.

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Fall Fishing on the Hooked Up II

On the Hooked Up II, we keep the salon air conditioned in the summer and a comfy 72 degrees in the winter regardless of the temperature outside!  We also keep the head and inside of the boat as clean as any charter boat you will ever fish and provide hot coffee on all our trips.

In the galley, we have a full size refrigerator and a microwave to store and prepare hot dishes on those cold windy late fall days! We have restocked all our striper trolling tackle for this coming season with new Mojos and swimming plugs and are currently having our striper reels being serviced and filled with new spectra line where needed.

We also have a full time professional mate, Ray, to assist our customers with all their needs, which allows the captain to maintain 100% focus on finding fish.

We will be ready to kick off our fall season fishing out of the Atlantic City, NJ area as soon as the stripers are within range and with the speed and size of the Hooked Up II we can cover a lot of ocean to go where the best bite is as long as it is within the 3 mile legal limits to target stripers.

2018 Rates

5-6 hour trip
$900 (Cash Only)
5-6 hOURS
Depart at 5am or Noon
8 hour trip
$1300 (Paid by credit card or check)
*Plus 3.5% Service Charge on ALL Credit Card Transaction.*
Depart at 6am (Check with us on exact departure time prior to your fishing date)
**Contact us to find out about our CASH discounts we offer on 8 hour trips!**
$200 Cash Discounts offered Through November 10, 2018 on all 8 hour striper trips. Discount also applies on December 3,4,5. Contact Capt John to book one of these dates.
open boat
$200 (Plus 15-20% Tip/Person) (Cash Only)
8 hours
Depart at 6am (Check with us on exact departure time prior to your fishing date)

*Note:  Up to 6 anglers maximum per trip
*Note:  No fish cleaning charges for our fall striper trips

*If diesel fuel goes to about $3.40 a gallon, there may be a fuel surcharge of $50-$75 per 8 hour trip

*If we have to run north to the Barnegat Inlet to Pt. Pleasant areas then there will be a $200.00 fuel surcharge. We will do this in early to mid-November to provide the best fishing and we suggest you discuss this with the captain prior to your trip. 

*If the stripers should move further south in mid-late December, we will move the boat to South Jersey Marina and fish out of Cape May, NJ. We will fish out of whichever location in South Jersey provides the best striper fishing with the shortest run.  The last couple of fall striper seasons Atlantic City, NJ and points north provided the very best striper fishing throughout the November and well into December.

2018 Rates

8 hour trip
8 Hours
Inshore Reef Sites out to 15 miles
8 hour trip
8 hours
Offshore out to 30 miles
12-13 Hour trip
12-13 hours
Offshore Rock Pile out to 55-60 miles targeting Jumbo Winter Sea Bass Thru December 31, 2018

Note:  Maximum 6 anglers

 *The departure time will be discussed with all our charters prior to the trip based on the best weather conditions.

 **The prices listed are cash prices or personal checks.  We do accept credit cards but this needs to be discussed prior to the trip with Captain John.**