Great Yellowfin Tuna Fishing 6-22-17

We ran our first offshore trip of the season and it was a good one. Fished along with a large fleet of other boats from the Baltimore down to Poormans and found action at various locations throughout the day. We caught around 25 tuna total with about 1/2 being less than 27 inches that were released but we did get 12 keepers most in the 40-50 lb. range.

The tuna ate everything we put out with spreader bars, ballyhoo with skirts and chains all catching a good number of tuna.  Green, pink and purple colors seemed to be the preferred.  The largest tuna we caught came on ballyhoo with skirts, but spreader bars worked well for them as well.  The best bite for us was at the end of the day as we were getting ready to go back to the dock.  I had called a few friends in to where we were fishing and they fished the area after we left also ending up with great catches!

Friend’s reported excellent tuna fishing in 2-3 other canyons yesterday so now is certainly an excellent time to get offshore while this bite lasts.

If you would like information about chartering us visit our web page or contact us ASAP by phone (609-425-1970), text or email as we do have a few open dates coming up in early July.

If you are a small party we will try to match you up with another group of anglers to take a maximum of 6 on the Hooked Up II. Now is the time to get out tuna fishing with the bite that is currently going on in our Southern Canyons.  We may have an open boat mid week (Wednesday June 28) for anyone interested.