Inshore tuna fishing with BFTs to 90 lbs. and Yellowfins up to 65 lbs on the 55 Hooked Up II

It just flat out does not get any better than our trip yesterday. We fought tuna for almost 6 hours straight with just short periods between hook ups all afternoon until the bite just quick about 7:00 pm or so. Two and Three on at a time which consisted of Yellowfins almost as big as the Bluefins. Most of the Bluefins were caught on jigs with 80 lb. leader while the Yellowfins were caught on hand feeders of butterfish, squid and sardines. The Yellowfins were a bit more of a challenge as they would only bite 30-40 lb. fluorocarbon leaders which resulted in a good number of lost fish and the only option to this is having live bait then if makes little difference what lb. test leader you use. These Yellowfins are almost all over 50 lbs. so light leader can be very frustrating plus the BFTs up to 80-90 lbs. do also eat sardines, butterfish and squid floater lines and any angler that can land a tuna on this size light leader either is very lucky or extremely skillful. That is why we prefer them on jigs with the heavier leader and it still is one heck of a battle on top of the line jigging tackle. Just some great inshore tuna fishing happening right now out of Cape May, NJ.

We are open next week and suggest doing a special 12 hour inshore tuna trip departing around 10:30 to 11:00 am and getting back to the dock around 9:00 pm. The afternoon bite is nothing short of fantastic especially on the Yellowfins that seem to show up in big numbers after the boat traffic thins out and can be caught right on the surface on hand feeders while they are boiling on chunks behind the boat. These are special trips we are offering next week along with normal one that depart around 3:00 am to reach the tuna grounds by 4:30-5:00 am.
Check the open boat listings for make-up trips for singles and small parties next week.