Tuna Charter July 11, 2017

Overall pretty slow pickings on quality size Yellowfins where we fished on Monday.

We had 14 total Yellowfins but only 3 keeper size ones so at least everyone on board did take home some nice tuna for the table. We also had one Mahi-Mahi. Lots of action but it was hard to find the larger size Yellowfins yesterday.

Fished between Wilmington and Spencer mostly in 80-90 fathoms but did mark the most bait between the 40-50 fathoms trolling towards home but no tuna bites.

We also had one large Blue Marlin crashing our baits but did not get a good hook set but it was fun watching him come up in our spread.

Friends fished the 20 fathom inshore spots chunking yesterday and from the reports I got it was very slow overall for most boats but I do know where some boats lit up the tuna inshore so we will be getting out our chunking and jigging tackle for our future charters. Contact us if you are a small party looking for an open boat or have a group that would like to chunk-jig quality size Yellowfins within the next week or so once the weather improves after the next few days.