Tuna Charter July 4, 2017

We decided to roll the dice and run way south down around the Lumpy Bottom area as I got some reports of a good bite on large Bluefins over 100 lbs. down that way on July 3. I had hoped by making the long run I would avoid the July 4th boat traffic which also played in my decision to run south. Last week I did a similar trip to the Lobster Claw and it paid off with acres of 100 lb. Bluefins and we were the only boat there that afternoon. In the end we never had a bite and covered miles and miles on this trip trying to find some inshore slob BFT and this was one of the few trips where we got skunked in recent years. We moved back closer to Cape May and hit the traditional tuna locations ( Sausage Lumps, Hot Dog and Ham Bone) along the 20-30 fathom lines in the afternoon but very little bait (sand eels or squid on the bottom) and only an occasional tuna mark on our sounder. At around 1:30 pm I got a call on my Sat phone from and OCMD boat that had 100 lb. Bluefins just a short boat ride from Cape May and we picked up our Bluefin spread in and ran to the location but we never got a touch and only one boat around us got hooked up while we were there. The bite was very good in the morning but we were a couple hours late but pounded the area with our wwwwwwback spread until 3:00 pm with no love.

I expect the canyons to turn back on as much cooler water moved in yesterday with the east wind and we will be bringing a few flats of Butterfish and Sardines with us on all out trips as the chunk and jig bite might very well happen any day now on the 20-30 fathom lumps and hills.