Wilmington Canyon Yellowfin Trip

ANOTHER EXCELLENT TRIP TODAY FOR TUNA ON THE Hooked Up II and there is exciting news about the local offshore scene with the arrival of Bluefin tuna inshore along the 20 and 30 fathom lumps the last couple of days.

In addition, the canyons are producing great catches of Yellowfins, some Big Eyes and Mahi-Mahi. It is what so many of us dream about experiencing in the summer and fall. Today we went out to the Wilmington Canyon and targeted Yellowfins but quite a few boats we know stayed inshore and got in on the hot Bluefin bite. On our next trip with a group coming from Ohio, we may try for both Bluefins and Yellowfins on the same trip if time allows. Without question now is the time either by private boat or charter to take advantage of this world class tuna bite going on in local waters.